Re: Assessment Contingency Plan for PLC, QQI Level 5 or 6 Programmes due to submit for June 2020 certification


Dear Selskar College Student,

I hope both you and your families are all safe and well at this very difficult time.

Following the unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves with the spread of Covid 19, Government and HSE advice was to close schools and colleges. Due to the unprecedented situation a decision has been taken nationally to cancel all written examinations as per any distributed timetable to you prior to the College closures and to replace examinations by alternative assessments.

Each of your teachers for an exam-based module will distribute an alternative assessment to you through whatever means they have been communicating up to this point, whether email, Teams etc.

The alternative assessments will be available later this week. You will have received all your alternative assessments by Friday 3rd April.

You must complete these alternative assessments and return them to your module teacher by the date you were due to have had the exam as previously advised.

Assignment Details & Dates and instructions will be confirmed by each module teacher.

In relation to the normal assignments you were working on prior to the closure of the college the original deadline given is extended by 1 week to allow for the unprecedented situation that this country finds itself in.  Any difficulty in relation to this should be addressed to the individual module teacher concerned.

Please note that all students have been contacted by email / text / website / and Facebook.

It is the responsibility of all learners to engage with Selskar College Teachers in this regard.

I wish to acknowledge and thank all staff for their ongoing dedication and commitment to your learning in these very challenging and unprecedented times. Without their dedication, these alternative assessments would not be possible.  

Finally, I wish to extend my good wishes to you for the upcoming assessments. I hope you and your families remain safe and well during this pandemic. Please adhere to all HSE advice re the prevention of the spread of Covid 19, it will not only protect you but also those you love.

Please remain positive, safe and well,