11th Feb 2021

Dear Parents


Over the next few weeks, students will be asked to make decisions on their on their Leaving Certificate – the traditional Leaving Certificate (LC) or the Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA).   


The Leaving Cert Applied (LCA) is often taken by senior-level school students who feel the traditional Leaving Certificate isn’t for them, but who still want to continue with school and prepare for life.


The Leaving Certificate (LC) is a two-year academic programme, primarily focused on exams at the end of 6th year.  The LC is essential for direct entry to 3rd level education.  

Selecting the right subjects for the Leaving Certificate, and the level at which to take them is important.   For the Leaving Certificate, students are offered the option of studying 7 subjects.   English, Irish and Maths are compulsory (unless students have an exemption from Irish).


Every subject for Leaving Certificate requires considerable time, commitment, and effort.


When you are considering which subjects to take, remember decisions will have long-term consequences on what careers are open to students. A decision to drop all science subjects or languages may have implications on the range of careers open to you later, when applying for college.

The same does not apply to business subjects, as most business courses teach all subjects with the presumption that students know nothing.


If a student is making subject choices and has not yet decided what career they wish to pursue after school, I would advise them to keep all their options open and choose broadly from among their four optional subjects.

Maths – many Level 8 degrees require a minimum of H4 in higher-level maths – these include engineering, maths, science, information technology.  A pass in ordinary level maths is essential for entry to most courses. So, do not neglect your studies in this subject.


Be informed and choose wisely. 


If you have any questions, please contact your Guidance Counsellors, Marie Colfer and Kieran Kinsella.


mariecolfer@wwetb.ie  or kierankinsella@wwetb.ie

For Further information on choosing subjects for Senior Cycle please click the below link.

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