P.E Competition

Would you like to get your hands on a One For All Voucher?

Well show us how motivated you are and create your own workout video.

There will be a voucher for the first 2 Junior Cycle videos and the first 2 Leaving Cert cycle students.


Your workout must include a demonstration of the following 

2min warm up & stretches

2 Bodyweight Exercises

2 Core Exercises

2 Aerobic Exercises

2min Cool Down & Stretches


You can use PowerPoint/TicToc/Adobe Video App to create your video.


Bonus points can be earned if you can make your own weights or show us the difference between dynamic and static stretching.

When you are finished just email your creation to myself by Friday 8th May @3.45


Have Fun

Ms. Kehoe


Click on the below link to view Ms. Kehoe’s Workout video example