Calling on all students of Selskar College. It is time to use your energy and get creative. Selskar College students are imaginative and now it is time to put those ideas out there for us all to delight in. So get involved and get busy. There are wonderful prizes to be won and great enjoyment to be had.


1st Prize 25 Amazon voucher

2nd Prize €15 Amazon voucher

3rd Prize €10 Amazon voucher



Subject: You can choose any subject you like. Or choose from one of suggested themes below:


Things I love

The world of time

When I was younger


Who can enter: 1st, 2nd and 5th years.


Use of Materials: You can use whatever you like pencil, crayon, coffee, tea, charcoal, colouring pencils, paint, food colouring, maybe make a sculpture out of things rubbish, twigs, flowers,


Originality: The work must not be copied and must be your own idea.


Number of entries: Maximum 2 entries per person


Closing Date: 24th April


Submitting work: Send a photo of your work to include beside the work the cover of your school journal.


If you require further information please contact Mrs.Jacobsz on


Create don’t contaminate!