Extra Curricular Activities

Lunchtime Activities

First and Second Year students are not allowed down town during the day.  A variety of lunchtime activities are provided by the college such as football, dance, quizzes, board games and music.



We regard sport as highly valuable. It not only keeps students healthy and active, but also helps each student’s integration and develops interpersonal skills.  Sports on offer at the college include Gaelic Games, Soccer & Rugby.   College teams take part in inter-school competitions with the GAA, FAI and are affiliated with the IRFU.


Field Trips & Tours

Regular outings are organised for students.  In particular students of Science, Geography, LCA and LCVP are encouraged to apply theory to practical situations to support classroom learning.  Visits may be to local area or further afield.  Student are offered opportunities to take part in outdoor education activities such as orienteering, canoeing, kite surfing, horse riding and archery