The College places a high priority on attendance and punctuality.  Students who are persistently late or absent will find it difficult to make progress and may hinder the progress of other students.  The college complies with all legislation to monitor and report attendance issues to TUSLA.  In addition we strive to encourage full attendance and punctuality with the following measures:

  • Attendance & lates are tracked and inputted into the college data system.
  • Text messages sent to parents if a student is absent.
  • Days absent recorded on bi-annual student report.
  • Absence letters sent to parents/guardians of students who have several unexplained absences.
  • Home School Community Liaison Officer visits homes of students who have irregular attendance.


  • Absence slips can be found in the back of the college journal and must be filled in and signed by a parent/guardian on return to the college.
  • If for any reason a student must leave the college during school time that student must be signed out by a parent/guardian. The student must sign back in on their return.