Each student is given a college journal at the start of each year.  The cost is included as part of the Book Rental/Stationery/Photocopying fee.

  • The journal is an important document and must be in the student’s possession at all times.
  • It must be used for recording homework and used by students to organise their work so that progress is made.
  • The journal will be signed and dated by the teacher if a student leaves class for any reason.
  • Parents/Guardians should write a note explaining any student absence on the printed sections at the back of the journal.  This is a legal requirement.
  • Students arriving late in the morning or after lunch will have their journal stamped with a late stamp.   Students who are repeatedly late will face further sanction.
  • Detentions are also recorded in the journal.
  • Class tutors will check the journal regularly to check how homework is being recorded, notes to/from parents and detentions.
  • Parents should also monitor their child’s progress through the journal.
  • If a student mislays the journal s/he should report to the Year Head who will arrange for the student to purchase a new journal.