Selskar College is a Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board School
Waterford & Wexford ETB

Mission Statement and Ethos

Mission Statement and Ethos

Mission Statement

Teaching and Learning with care and respect, where every person matters.

Our mission statement is based on the following core values:

  • Education is a partnership between school, parents, and students with the support of both the local community and WWETB.
  • Our central purpose is to motivate and support students to achieve their full potential in a caring environment.
  • The importance and value of each member of the school community is central to every and all decisions made and actions taken.
  • Within Selskar College, we prioritise courtesy and respect being shown to all partners at all times.
  • Our school strives to provide a welcoming, secure learning environment which is respectful, caring and stimulating for all members of the school community.

Based on our mission statement, our general aims are:

  • To provide a caring, safe and respectful environment where students learn, and teachers teach.
  • To provide a broad-based curriculum which seeks to meet the needs and abilities of each individual student.
  • To foster and develop each student’s skills, knowledge and self-esteem as well as his/her enthusiasm for learning.
  • To help students to develop skills for future life and for responsible citizenship.
  • To promote moral values, self-discipline, and self-respect for themselves and respect for others.

As an ETB school, under the patronage of WWETB, Selskar College is a state, co-educational, multidenominational schools underpinned by the core values of:

  • Excellence in Education;
  • Care;
  • Equality;
  • Community and
  • Respect.
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